The Biogenic C02 Coalition is an active champion for fair, science-based treatment for agricultural biomass under the Clean Air Act and other federal regulatory programs in order to grow the American bioeconomy.

Our Goals Are To:

  • Change EPA’s default position that biogenic emissions are equal to fossil fuel emissions.
  • Eliminate the undefined sustainability standards EPA is trying to impose on farms and farm products.


The Biogenic CO2 Coalition, through its member national trade groups, represents a broad swath of agriculture and related sector constituents in advocating for sensible policies recognizing the carbon benefits of agricultural biomass.

But federal regulation currently ignores the life-cycle carbon benefits from crop‐based feedstocks, and instead treats carbon dioxide emissions from fermentation, agricultural processing, wastewater treatment, biomass combustion the same as fossil fuels.  (The Biogenic CO2 Coalition focuses on feedstocks from annual herbaceous crops and does not cover issues associated with forest products or woody biomass.) 




EPA regulates carbon emissions from farm crops the same as fossil fuels when crops are used by food processors like bakeries and breweries or for bioenergy. EPA is ignoring the fact that the only carbon being released from crop processing is the carbon that was already captured when the crops were grown. As part of regulating farm products, EPA also wants to decide what farming practices are considered “sustainable production.”

EPA is essentially putting an emissions tax on “biogenic” emissions from farm products. But as a farmer, you already did the hard work of growing crops that naturally absorb CO2. Every farmer and scientist knows that when carbon is released from crops, it completes the natural life cycle and doesn’t add CO2 to the atmosphere, but EPA is ignoring that fact. To extend their regulatory reach, EPA is treating these biogenic emissions the same as fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. The effect will be to increase costs and hurt American agriculture.

The Biogenic CO2 Coalition wants EPA to acknowledge sound science and count biogenic emissions as carbon neutral.